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This page is designed to provide relevant and timely topics for readers.  The information below was taken directly from "IRS Tax Tips", an IRS e-mail service and there are links available below to subscribe to any topic.   We find this information to be excellent and very timely!  If you are involved in employment opportunities like Uber, Lyft, or Airbnb, or are thinking about getting involved in this type of employment, please read on.  These are excellent links from the IRS that will help you better run your business.

IRS Tax Tips from the IRS Newswire

"...the Internal Revenue Service is highlighting products to help small business owners and self-employed individuals understand and meet their tax obligations. Some of these tools focus on an emerging area of business activity -- the sharing economy – also referred to as the on-demand, gig or access economy.

People involved in the sharing economy engage in activities such as renting a spare bedroom, providing car rides or offering a number of other goods or services. Because there are tax implications for companies providing the services and individuals performing the services, the IRS has created the following special products to help these businesses and workers understand their tax responsibilities:"

Other Small Business Products

The IRS provides an overview of other products in a newly created YouTube video. Some featured products for small business owners and self-employed individuals are:

This information was taken directly from "IRS Tax Tips", an IRS e-mail service. 

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